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3DView Multmission provides displays of time interpolated orbit and attitude data of spacecrafts and planetary ephemerides.

  • Heliospheric view
  • Bodies lighting and maps
  • Orbit and attitude
  • Instrument bore sight
  • Distances time evolution
  • Bow shock and magnetopause
  • Van allen belts (L-Shells)
  • South Atlantic Anomaly
  • Stars
  • Shadows
  • Ground trace
  • Ground stations with AOS/LOS
  • ASCII file data export
  • Image and movies generation

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3DView Multimission is a tool for scientists that offers immediate 3D visualization of position and orientation of spacecrafts and planetary ephemerides.
3DView Multimission is a versatile, lightweight and interactive software, intended to be intuitive and easy to use.
The following missions are included: CoRoT, Rosetta, PICARD, Jason2, MRO/MSL, Mars-Express, Venus-Express, Cassini, Planck, Galileo, Ulysses, Voyager1-2, Stereo, Cluster, ACE, Wind, Geotail, SOHO, Giotto, Themis, Interball. Available data are discribed here.

The user has to specify both the spacecraft and the time range. The simulation parameters (such as coordinate system, central body, time step, ...) are set by default, the user being able to modify them.


A brief description of the Keyboard/Mouse and 3DView Multimission action correlation is given on the right.
For a deep description of the 3DView Multimission capabilities, go to tutorial.

Rotate sceneNoneLeft button
Translate scene up-down, left-rightControlLeft button
Zoom in and outShiftLeft button
Rotate viewerShiftRight button

  • Current relase 1.2: new features
  • Requirements
    • Java Runtime Environement 1.6 or higher
    • OpenGL 1.3+/DirectX9 for windows, 1.3+ for linux or Solaris
    • Screen resolution: 1024x768 minimum
    • See also java3D requirements
  • Supported platforms
    3DView Multimission has been tested on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and solaris 2.8 but it should also work on other platforms as java web start and java3D 1.5.2 are available. For more information , see java3D compatibility table.

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More pictures and movie samples here.